Elisabetta Xsavar

Elisabetta Xsavar is one of the most iconic contemporary photographers in the field of environmentalism and fine art nude. She was born in Italy and of Sicilian origin, she studied pictorial decoration at the Academy of Fine Arts in Padua, Venice, Catania. She is a versatile artist, she plays three instruments, composes music, draws, creates, writes stories and poems.
She is an independent researcher and she also specializes in the field of Naturopathy and Radionics.
Her passions lead her to move to many different cities and realities. Especially in Italy, a land that she loves very much.
Since childhood she has been particularly attracted to photography. She leaves home very young and after an adventurous and tormented youth, she moves to the Dolomites to stay away from the chaos of the cities and closer to nature and meditation.
She finds work as a photojournalist for a well-known newspaper in the Alps and decides to devote herself completely to photography. Already an animal lover, an activist against vivisection, she enters intensive farming for the first time and the vision of so much pain and violence brings her a strong existential and conscience crisis.
She decides the same day to follow a vegan diet and to improve her lifestyle.
“I love photographing the people I meet every day in life or on the street, and I think that photography can be not only an art but also a magic that captures a precise moment of history, an important document today and for posterity. For this reason I prefer to portray the reality of what I see and hear.
I believe that true artists have a task, which they cannot escape, and it is not to talk about themselves, but to act as a go-between for much deeper and more important values through their art, Values of which eras and centuries would seem to have always a great need to emerge from hell and from the lie.
Vegan for many years she dedicates her art and her work to disseminate concepts such as Anti-Specism, awareness of the Human Being through knowledge and free information, respect for animals and the environment.
Particular attention is also paid to the sensual and erotic sphere intrinsic in the human being.
Artist and nonconformist woman and proactive provocateur, she loves to talk about herself only through her art and her events.
Elisabetta Xsavar is a lover of natural beauty, femininity and sensuality as a means of personal, social and spiritual improvement. She fights for culture and art to re-emerge with strength. She currently lives in Naples and is preparing new projects and events including “Vegan Beauties in Naples” …

Portrait Elisabetta Xsavar -Palermo Sicily